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Foster Youth Resources

Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP)

ILSP offers a full range of services designed to assist and support emancipating foster care and probation-involved youth in their transition to independent living.

Youth can participate in ILSP in the following ways:

Attend workshops and training.

Receive individualized goal setting assistance, tutoring assistance, IEP support, educational plan management and assistance coordinating service providers to help ensure completion of Diploma or GED.

Focusing on educational and social skills development, study skills and test-taking preparation.

Intensive Family Finding and Engagement Assistance through Seneca Family of Agencies to help youth create a permanent network of support in preparation for adulthood.

Assistance and referrals to promote physical health, mental health, and safety skills including, but not limited to: substance abuse prevention, smoking cessation, pregnancy prevention, and nutrition education.

Daily living skills including information/training in financial management and budgeting; personal responsibility skills; self-advocacy; household management.

Who is Eligible?

Youth between the age of 16 and 20 who are currently in an out-of-home placement or who were in an out-of-home placement sometime after their 16th birthday are eligible for ILSP services until their 21st birthday.

Can you receive ILSP services if his or her case is terminated?

Yes, as long as a youth was in out-of-home placement for any period after his or her 16th birthday, even if the case was later terminated.

How are youth referred?

Youth are referred to ILSP by their child welfare workers, probation officers or may self refer.

For more information, contact:
Christine Lerable, Program Manager

Greg Glazzard, Probation Manager

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