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Adoptive Families.

Adoption is a legal process that creates a new, permanent parent-child relationship. Adoption provides the adoptive parent(s) all the rights and responsibilities of a legal parent, and gives the child legal rights and responsibilities of a family member.

Who can adopt?

Are you a loving, caring, patient individual, able to appreciate a child’s unique qualities? Are you realistic about the changes in lifestyle when making a child a permanent member of your family? Are you willing to accept an adopted child as your own? If you are, you likely have what it takes to adopt a child.

Monterey County encourages all interested families to inquire about adoption.

Children do not need “perfect” parents — they need one or more caring and committed individuals willing to meet their needs and to incorporate them into a nurturing family environment.


The Adoptions Branch of the California Department of Social Services offers free publications, including;

 California Department of Social Services, Adoptions Branch
 744 P Street, Mail Station 19-31, Sacramento, CA 95814
 (916) 322-3778 or (800) KIDS-4-US (543-7487).

For information on California adoptions, to order free publications such as;

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
 5640 Nicholson Lane #300
 Rockville, MD 20852
 (301) 231-6512.