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About Us

Monterey County Family to Family (F2F) is a holistic approach where public and private partners are working together to support families involved in the child welfare system. The Department of Social Services, Family and Children’s Services’ Branch, teams with F2F staff at Community Human Services,   by investing in the capacity of our community. F2F increases awareness about the needs of families and highlights ways communities can donate, contribute and build support to keep families together or bring them back together. F2F leads the recruitment efforts in our community by seeking potential caregivers also known as Resource Families. Through these partnerships we work together to keep children safe, support families and applicants as well as strengthen communities.

Family to Family believes that….

  • Children’s safety is paramount.
  • Children belong in families.
  • Families need strong communication.
  • We need community partners to share the responsibility of caring for children in our community in an effort to achieve strong outcomes for our children.

Our goal is to:

Develop a culturally sensitive Resource Family network in the communities where children live;

Recruit a large pool of qualified and nurturing Resource Families to meet the children’s needs;

Increase children placed with relatives and near-kin and support efforts to maintain family connections;

Better assess children for services that would allow them to safely remain or return home.

Donate, volunteer, or become active in your community
to support children and their families.

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